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Several notebooks are impressive

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In recent years, with the notebook computer hardware technology to gradually upgrade, processor, memory, hard drive performance, although the continuous improvement, but the overall body in the narrow, which makes the laptop away from the previous heavy image, become thin, The In particular, the progress of the screen display technology, narrow frame design has been gradually extended to the laptop above, but also to the notebook screen to add a lot of wonderful.
There is a saying called Yan value is too high, cover their cover can not live. Similarly, the high value of the laptop, the appearance of amazing sense of the case, want to not cause the attention of others are difficult children. Today, just follow the small pudding together to wait and see several computer products to see if the value is not really box can not make you impressed?
【ASUS Ling Yao U4000UQ7500】
ASUS U series can be said to be slim to make their own characteristics, this notebook body with aluminum alloy material, A side by technical polished to form a concentric circular pattern, light exposure reflects the dazzling light, coupled with Rose gold color, revealing a sense of business and extraordinary small fresh. Body thickness of about 18.85mm, light about 1.34kg, the weight and thickness to meet the business needs of portable, with its 14-inch narrow border screen, both the value and portable. Although this is a thin series, but still no performance in the price reduction, itself equipped with the NVIDIA 940MX 2G graphics card, with the Intel i7-7500U processor can play a wonderful wonderful.
[Huawei MateBook D PL-W19]
Huawei as a new business this year, notebook computers, this computer design and workmanship or under a lot of effort, the metal body, with anodized plating color process, the overall round feeling strong, delicate touch. The screen uses a 15.6-inch IPS screen, 6.2 mm narrow frame design, lighting the screen when the display is great, you can let the eyes enjoy more immersive picture sense. Itself equipped with the Intel i5-7200U processor + NVIDIA GeForce 940MX 2G graphics card to support the current popular SSD + mechanical disk dual hard drive mode, the configuration is not worse than the current high-end business in this grid.
[Dell xps13 9360]
On the size of the notebook, this notebook as long as 13.3 inches, the resolution is 1920 * 1080, it can be said that the fuselage shell smaller, and can actually show the effect did not shrink, open the moment the gorgeous feeling great. Because it is positioning business, the fuselage shell with aluminum alloy material, after a complex process, smooth paint. Palm rest position using carbon fiber material, enhance comfort and thermal effect. Equipped with the Intel i5-7200U processor, integrated graphics configuration, configuration for business office, easy to get high-definition movies, play games slightly general.
[Samsung NP900X5M NP900X5M-K03CN]
Samsung's product highlights the screen above, based on Samsung's accumulation of screen technology, this notebook display will not be poor. The machine uses Samsung PLS wide viewing angle screen, narrow frame design, wide viewing angle can enjoy the texture of the screen beauty. Body slim, the thickness of 15 mm, the weight was 1.29 kg, are portable typical style. The fun is that the machine can do 180 degrees opening and closing, this design is conducive to the display of screen content to others. Equipped with the Intel i5-7200U processor, integrated graphics, the overall performance used to office, watching movies are appropriate.

The above list of several notebook computers, from design to performance are suitable for the use of office workers, belonging to the value of a family of welfare products, do you think their design?