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Cool dog Bluetooth headset M1 upgrade version of the shelves

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    Bluetooth music headset is the darling of the music crowd, in the field of music equipment occupies an important place. In this environment, the domestic well-known music platform cool dog launched an in-ear Bluetooth music headset M1. Many humanized functional design and impressive listening performance, so that this headset made sales, word of mouth double harvest. Recently, the cool dog officially launched a new product - "cool dog M1 Bluetooth headset upgrade", hope to better performance continue to expand the market.

    Like the cool dog M1, the upgraded version also uses ultra-light aluminum-magnesium alloy as the ear shell material. The surface of the ear shell is treated with the sanding process, the delicate and smooth, the metal texture and the delicate touch are in one, 

the taste is full, and the medical grade biological silica gel earset is used, the beveled ear design is designed so that the user has the experience of " , Effectively solve the problem of wearing the ear-wearing comfort. Headphones are Tiffany blue, rose red, moonlight silver, coffee gold, elegant black 5 fashion color, highlight the influx of people personality.

    Following the cool dog hot products - Pandora Internet Bluetooth audio, cool dog M1 upgrade version is still popular idol group X Jiu juji group as a spokesperson. 5 US youth to wear M1 upgrade version of shine appearance, the perfect interpretation of this headset high value, good sound quality.